Services1Spring Start-up

Starts in April
A Spring Start-up Includes:
•     Turning on water supply
•     Checking backflow device and system piping for leaks
•     Checking all heads for proper spray adjustment
•     Checking all zone valves for proper operation
•     Removing overgrown grass on sprinkler heads
•     Setting timer for efficient watering (for the current time of year)


Winterization Services

Completed from September – November
Winterization Service Includes:
•     Turning off water supply
•     Drain all excess water from pipes
•     Turn off timer


Services3Service and Repair

Our service department is available year round.
•    Sprinkler Head replacement
•    Solenoid valve repair/replacement
•    Controller (timer) repair/replacement
•    Electrical troubleshooting and repair
•    Weather sensor replacement
•    Backflow and broken lines repair/replacement


Services4Other Services Offered

•     Back flow preventers
•     RPZ certification
•     Utility Trenches
•     French drains
•     Potted Plants Irrigation